Dr. Mattmann moderates A.I. leadership panel organized by the American Geophysical Union (AGU): Core to Cosmos on A.I.’s impact and influence in the geosciences

Dr. Mattmann was honored to be the moderator and host of the American Geophysical Union Core to Cosmos Salon on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and its impact and influence on geosciences. Kicked off by AGU President Lisa Graumlich, as moderator Dr. Mattmann had the distinct pleasure of keeping the esteemed panel on their toes with questions and prompts related to A.I. and its influence. Thank you to the RAND Corporation for hosting the salon!

Dr. Mattmann asked the panel:

💡 How would they define the difference between A.I. and machine learning?

💡 Where do they see the most opportune “bang for the buck” for A.I. in their field? Automation? Data Processing or Cleansing (refineries?) Predictions?

💡 Where do they see the challenges and opportunities in A.I. ethics especially as it relates to the Biden administration’s recent EO on A.I.

💡 Where do they see the future of A.I. in the next 24-36 months?

Thanks to our amazing panel Shelley Stall, CDMP, PMP, Julien Emile-Geay, Benjamin Preston and Mackenzie Day and thank you so much to Tracy LaMondue and Samson Reiny for the opportunity for Dr. Mattmann to moderate!


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