Dr. Chris Mattmann

IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

What I Do

Dr. Chris Mattmann is an experienced Senior Executive, has filled multiple C-Suite roles including Chief Technology Officer, Chief Data Officer, and Chief Research Officer across multiple industries and is Division Manager of the Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Innovative Development Organization in the Information Technology and Solutions Directorate at NASA JPL. 

At JPL Mattmann is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer and reports to the CIO. He manages advanced IT research and open source and technology evaluation and user infusion capabilities. 

Recent Media

Featured in over 124 media articles including ABC, NBC, WIRED, The New York Times, Quanta Magazine including 2013 Feature with Dave Schimel on “Big Data Is Too Big for Scientists to Handle Alone”.

Career Highlights
and International Recognition

Featured Book

Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition

A fully revised guide to building machine learning models using Python and TensorFlow. You’ll apply core ML concepts to real-world challenges, such as sentiment analysis, text classification, and image recognition. Hands-on examples illustrate neural network techniques for deep speech processing, facial identification, and auto-encoding with CIFAR-10.

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